Olympic and World Champion Flora Duffy is an enthusiastic advocate for sustainability. She actively promotes eco-conscious practices within the sports industry and beyond.

Her extraordinary career involves significant amounts of travel as she faces elite competitions around the world.

Our partnership is set to help Flora understand her impact, reduce her carbon emissions, and inspire generations to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Follow Flora's journey with us as she seeks to create a more sustainable path.


Meet Flora Duffy

Flora is a professional triathlete from Bermuda who is widely regarded as one of the world's top athletes in the sport. Flora has won countless races, and in 2022 we were proud to enter into a sustainability partnership with her.

“I have a responsibility to play my part in the fight against climate change by calculating, reducing, and offsetting my carbon footprint. With Apex Group’s help as they support me in measuring my carbon footprint, I hope to become a carbon neutral athlete within a year and encourage other athletes and businesses to do the same. Apex Group walks the walk and has recently offset its own lifetime of carbon emissions.”
Flora Duffy
DBE, Bermudian Triathlete, and Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Her athletic triumphs include:

Flora’s track from carbon assessment to offsetting

Beyond her athletic abilities, Flora is an aspiring advocate for sustainability. Acknowledging the role of sport in reaching a worldwide audience, in partnership with us, she seeks to employ and promote eco-conscious practices within the sports industry. 

We are helping Flora measure and reduce her carbon footprint using our Climate & Carbon Services.

To measure Flora’s impact, we conduct a carbon assessment to identify key emission sources and collect information from various data points.  

An easy-to-use online portal streamlines the process, facilitating the process of Flora uploading the data to having our environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) experts review and validate it. 

Our ESG experts create a detailed carbon footprint report, presenting Flora’s emissions breakdown, emissions intensities, and Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology. 

Based on the footprint results, we create a strategy on how to best reduce Flora’s carbon emissions, adopt best practices, and help her fulfil her goal of contributing to a more positive future for our planet.  

With this partnership, we aim to create a lasting positive impact on the planet and to help others understand how they can do the same. 

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