trees planted


tonnes of carbon absorbed over 5 years

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects we are planting trees for every new client contract signed and every five years of employee tenure.

We are living our ESG values by helping restore animal habitats, supporting communities out of poverty and investing in a sustainable future for our planet. 


We’re a people business and we want our clients and employees to come with us on this journey. For our employees, we’ll be planting trees for every five years of tenure and for our clients, we’ll plant 10 trees for every new contract signed.


By partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects we’re driving forward a sustainable future for our planet. Planting trees restores animal habitats, improves water purity, stops flooding and erosion, and restores local rainfall patterns.



Eden Reforestation hires local villagers to plant trees, alleviating extreme poverty within the impacted community. Most significantly the projects help local communities acknowledge and benefit from the restored forests through an increase in fisheries, improved farming, cleaner water and the formation of microenterprises.

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