We ensure you and your investors are fully protected and informed in the ever-changing regulatory environment.  

We help investment managers, private equity managers, finance houses, broker/dealers, proprietary traders, and insurance brokers meet financial regulation standards in a multitude of jurisdictions. 

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Services include: 

  • Preparation of profit and loss and capital adequacy forecasts for your firm’s The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) application 
  • Preparation of Pillar 1 capital adequacy calculations and FCA reporting 
  • Guidance in conducting the Pillar 2 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process 
  • Preparation of Pillar 3 capital, risk exposure, and risk assessment disclosures 
  • Advice on the structuring of FCA regulatory capital 
  • Monitoring of regulatory capital on an ongoing basis 
  • Completion of FCA financial returns and FCA related communications 

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