Enabling Individual investment in private assets for wealth managers and private banks.

  • Multicurrency platform
  • 40,000 investors on the platform
  • Used by thousands of international portfolio companies and global private equity funds to raise capital
  • Servicing high-net-worth individuals, trusts, family offices, and their advisers
  • Includes custom- branded wealth manager portal
  • Reporting and administration provided for the lifetime of the investment


Wealth managers and family offices use Apex Unitas to aggregate investor investments into private equity or venture funds or invest directly into private companies or co-invest alongside the master funds into underlying portfolio companies.

By harnessing the platform's nominee feature, this solution effectively handles reporting and administration tasks for the involved investors.

  • Diversification of investment returns for investors
  • Increases the stickiness of the investor relationship
  • Enhances the investor relationship and portfolio, especially with venture-stage investments and venture capital funds
  • Cost-effective single platform that caters for a wide range of private markets investments, with flexible investor allocations on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Quick, easy, and inexpensive to establish for each deal
  • Can be used for hundreds of investors
  • Can hold an unlimited number of investments
  • Operationally light touch, tried, and tested
  • High-quality, high-fidelity reporting
  • No tax at the level of Apex Unitas Platform
  • No formal audit required
  • Carry can be structured as a share of profits or allocation of investments
  • No VAT on fees, as custody is tax-exempt
  1. Investment managers and wealth managers who manage assets on behalf of their investors and are looking to allocate to private markets.
  2. An appointed representative arranging custody on behalf of underlying investors to whom it may be providing advisory services. The appointed representative may appoint Apex Unitas directly or through its principal firm.
  3. Advisory firms providing advisory services to their underlying clients and may partner with an investment manager or Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) to provide both services to their clients.

Apex Unitas is managed by Apex Unitas Limited, an independent custodian, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). 

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