• Empowering the issuance and administration of a broad range of digital asset products 
  • Holistic operating model, including compliance and regulatory support 
  • Leading tokenisation and custody solutions 
  • Banking relationship management (fiat and digital asset conversion) 
  • Implementing Distributed Ledger Technology management 
  • Comprehensive transfer agency, fund administration, and reporting solutions 
  • Digital investor onboarding platform 

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Access a unique operating model and dedicated team of industry experts to bridge the gap between traditional and digital assets and establish, and manage compliant, blockchain-enabled products. 

Our approach allows traditional assets to be represented as digital securities (tokenised), and we can assist in the creation of new investment products, like Exchange-Traded Products (“ETPs”), that can be traded on traditional exchanges. 

Our services 

Tokenising funds 

Access an innovative operating model that leverages our EU-approved, blockchain-enabled structuring for digital asset securities (tokenised funds). This model facilitates expanded fund product distribution and includes: 

  • Digital investor onboarding 
  • Fund administration 
  • Transfer agency 
  • Reporting services 

Exchange-traded product issuance 

We help streamline the launch of white-labelled fund ETPs through existing partners.  

By providing tailored solutions, we expedite the execution of required contracts, agreements, and processes, ensuring cost-effective product issuance and appropriate governance. 

  • Enhanced liquidity and investor transparency 
  • Integrated fiat / digital conversions and crypto trading 
  • Reduced settlement, administration, and reporting delays 
  • Experienced global team with industry knowledge 
  • Dedicated blockchain technology
  • Streamlined digital investor onboarding 
  • Compliant fund administration and operation 
  • Unique digital asset ecosystem

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