We provide asset managers, family offices and insurance companies with daily renconciled cash and position reporting using a dedicated state of the art cash and position reconciliation software. We automatically upload your Trade Files into our core administration platform on a daily basis. The portfolio is independently priced and monitored for corporate actions. Three-way reconciliations are completed between us, the client and custodian/prime broker. Cash and position reconciliations breaks are reported to you for further action. Our secure 24/7 online reporting platform allows you to view daily cash and positions from anywhere in the world. To complement the daily administration support service, we also offer a daily performance and risk reporting solution through an enhanced reporting support service.

Services include:

  • Providing daily trade uploads from the client trade files
  • Providing daily cash reconciliation performed against the custodian/prime broker
  • Provision of daily position reconciliation performed against the client and custodian/prime broker files
  • Daily independent valuation of the Fund(s)/entity portfolio
  • Monitoring individual equity securities for cash dividends, corporate actions and capital changes
  • Providing details of any breaks in position and cash with client and prime broker
  • Providing daily online T+1 cash and portfolio reporting via our online reporting platform

Enhanced reporting service provides a daily performance and risk reporting solution to our clients by leveraging the same official books and records of the client. Through our market leading technology provider we are able to offer a range of performance measures as well as risk sensitivities. Our offering caters for all asset classes and time stamps from daily to weekly and monthly. All reports are available through our portal Apex Connect.

  • Providing daily Profit and Loss
  • Top 10 and bottom 10 reporting
  • Providing performance attribution reporting
  • Allowing a client clear view of how and what contributed to returns through performance contribution
  • P&L attribution by risk factors
  • Providing full risk analytics and scenario reporting
  • Full suite of Greeks
  • VAR and cVAR

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