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Mauritius: Staying at the forefront of International Standards

25 May 2021

Our Regional Managing Director, Mahesh Doorgakant, who is also the Chairman of Mauritius Finance shares views on the future of the financial sector on the island and how Mauritius Finance has an integral role to play in supporting innovation, promotion and training to propel the jurisdiction to even greater heights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business and investment climate in almost every corner of the globe, but the financial services industry and the global business sector have been resilient, with a strong track record and a long history of adaptation to change. Such like 2020, this year has ushered in numerous challenges for the financial services sector, yet there are many opportunities to be seized amid testing times. The sector has been gearing up to face the future with a single, unified voice under the Mauritius Finance umbrella.

Key Highlights:

  • Development of MIFC
  • Impact of global crisis on Mauritius Market
  • Mauritius embracing FinTech & Innovation in financial sector
  • How is Mauritius reinforcing its role as an investment hub, attracting more DFIs & international players

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