On Demand: Re-domestication of Funds in GIFT


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Watch our recent webinar with speakers from IFSCA and PwC. The discussion looks at Indian Government measures to support re-domestication of funds in GIFT, benefits of re-domestication, key considerations and timelines.

Question covered:

  • Why should I re-domesticate?
  • How does GIFT compare with other jurisdictions?
  • What are the regulations surrounding re-domestication?
  • Are there any tax and other financial benefits of re-domestication?
  • Will I face any disruption in services when I re-domesticate?

What is the process and who can help?


Moderator: Mandar Mhatre

India Apex Group

Speaker: Dipesh Shah

Head Development
International Financial Services Centres Authority

Speaker: Tej Gujadhur

Mauritius Apex Group Ltd.

Speaker: Tushar Sachade

Partner Price

Waterhouse & Co LLP


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