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Podcast: How Global Events are Shaping up Investment Trends

08 April 2022

For perhaps the first time in human history, we’re all students – reading, watching, and listening to experts, who can decrypt the global events for us and explain how they affect our present and our near futures. As we begin to move beyond the Covid pandemic, the macro-events of the last couple of months have plunged us in a state of uncertainty once again.

The conflict in Ukraine with its severe geo-political and economic impacts; rising oil prices, broadening inflation, interest rates rising in response and its impacts on the capital and equity markets are only the tip of the iceberg. Issues pertaining to supply chain; energy security and transition, and the impacts of it on the environment further add to the drama that the world is collectively experiencing.

Award-winning Associate Editor and Leader Writer for The Sunday Times, Oliver Shah joins Blair McPherson, Head, Capital Introductions, Apex Group, as they break down these events for the listeners of The Single Source Podcast Series, in our eighth episode.

Tune in now, to understand how these events shape the global equity markets, investment trends, and the ever-increasing focus towards ESG and associated technologies to realise the goal of green investments.

This and much more to learn in this podcast. Here’s a chance for you to catch up on everything you need to know about to the current global macro-economic environment and what that means for the economy, and ultimately for you!

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