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Whitepaper: Five technology considerations for asset managers

14 April 2021

Asset managers operate in an evolving environment, where adapting to emerging investment trends, integrated global markets and changing regulations is imperative.

With COVID-19 forcing a rapid change in business practices, it is clear that asset managers need to increase the digital enablement of their processes not only to maintain operations, but also to better meet client needs.

In this whitepaper, we explore five areas of technology that asset managers now urgently need to consider to generate growth and control costs.

Key findings include:

  • With the continuing growth in data-driven insight, asset managers will need a ‘data reinvention’ if they are to develop innovative products and spot emerging trends in real time;
  • 46% of investment firms plan to increase spending on outsourcing, following Covid-19 to combat disruptive market entrants;
  • 50% of firms surveyed aim to reduce costs by 10%;
  • A new paradigm is needed for ESG technology;
  • Digital banking represents an opportunity to increase competitive advantage.

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