Ika Tavalea is a Technical Lead working on data platforms and technology in New Zealand. Outside of his role at Apex Group, Ika is highly active in supporting the local community. 

He donates to the Cancer Society of New Zealand to help support their pioneering work. Ika also donates to the Starship Foundation, helping to ensure that all children in Aotearoa, New Zealand have access to world-class healthcare. Donations go towards research, technology, equipment, and impact initiatives. 

Alongside these groups working to improve healthcare and patient outcomes, Ika also supports St. Johns, a charity providing ambulance services, first aid training, and community services to the public. He also supports the Methodist Church and is active in their executive committees. 

As if that wasn’t enough, he also supports an initiative for people from his former home island of Niuafo’ou in Tonga for those living on the island as well as many who, like Ika himself, have chosen to move to New Zealand. 

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