Our clients value responsive, agile and tech-forward solutions. We can offer an experience that delivers peace of mind through one relationship, by supporting your business across the full value chain; via a global team of experts, the broadest range of solutions in the industry and 99.8% client retention rate.

What is the economic impact of partnering with Apex Group for a single-source solution via one relationship?


Return on investment




of cost benefits




net present value over the three-year period



<6 months

payback period for clients

Forrester Consulting spoke to our clients and revealed an average $3.8M USD SAVING over three years for a composite Apex Group client.

Forrester found Apex Group provided clients with substantial savings and added value on:

  • Technology costs
  • Entity setup costs
  • Internal headcount costs
  • Recaptured productivity for finance operations staff
  • Increased employee experience
  • Global support

Who did Forrester speak to?

Forrester Consulting conducted in-depth interviews with key decision makers at five large asset management clients currently leveraging multiple solutions from Apex Group, across fund, financial and corporate services. Based on these discussions, Forrester created a composite client that represented their findings in a Total Economic Impact™ study.

"I can't compliment them higher. Every time I need something from Apex [Group], it seems like they are part of our company."

Chief financial officer of $804 million AUM portfolio

Broadest range of solutions in the industry