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On Demand: ESG linked debt, challenges and opportunities in sustainable finance

11 May 2022

Partnered with PEI Responsible Investor

There is a new wave of ESG products sweeping the financial markets. But with increased opportunities, comes increased scrutiny. For example, ESG linked loans – which rewards borrowers for meeting sustainability targets – have seen issuance skyrocket. According to research from Bank of America, H1 2021 saw $350 billion of issuance, far in excess of the $200 billion achieved for the whole of 2020, the previous busiest year. How is the market responding to this fast moving area? How can the debt market achieve meaningful, measurable change? Where is the future leading us, who is leading the charge, and with what products?

Date: April 28, 2022

Time: 3pm – 4pm BST / 10am – 11am EST

Download our recent webinar where topics included:

  • What are the critical opportunities and challenges of new frontiers for ESG products?
  • ESG green and purpose washing – the problems, the answers. How to ensure integrity of analysis and reporting?
  • Post COP26, carbon footprinting is front of mind and a common KPI. But what else is out there?
  • Sustainability-linked loans 101. Who provides the loans to what types of borrowers? What’s a typical ESG target for a loan? What data is employed to measure ESG progress?
  • The challenges ahead: How to ensure ESG targets have sufficient incentives and disincentives to make a meaningful impact and avoid accusations of greenwashing?
  • Ensuring best practice: How can ESG-linked products be benchmarked to ensure they are meeting rigorous standards? How can we be sure that the data collected is trustworthy?
  • The opportunities going forward: Could these products power the impact investment market to new heights? Who is leading the charge?


Joshua Brunert

Global Head of ESG Product – Apex Group

 Yoshiko Saito

Global Head of ESG & Impact, Alternatives Specialists - DWS

Moderated by Mina Tümay,

Assistant Editor – Special Projects, PEI Media

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