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Register: Where Ambition Meets Action: Going beyond ESG and Into Impact Investing

22 September 2022

The ESG landscape is evolving fast in 2022 and is taking an increasing position as a fundamental part of our clients’ businesses and strategic imperatives across the globe. As part of ESG impact month, our ESG team has designed four new innovative products that can really help firms tackle the challenges they face today and accurately monitor, measure and report on their ESG activities and positive impact.

Date: 13th October 2022
Time: 2:00 pm UK time|09:00 am EST|9:00 pm SGT

The damaging consequences of climate change are pushing many firms to speed up their net zero ambitions. Public and private investments need to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable economy. This wider context and a powerful combination of government policy, societal pressures and corporate leadership are all converging to transform the way in which investors and asset managers in the private markets measure and report the real world impact of their investments.

Impact investing represents a major revolution in finance, by channelling capital to solve the world’s most pressing challenges whilst generating financial returns. But firms must be mindful of how they account for impact metrics to avoid being accused of ‘greenwashing’.

Join Joshua Brunert, Global Head of ESG Product, and other speakers, as they take a deep dive into the key global trends, challenges and solutions that are driving ESG and impact to the top of investor and C-suite agendas.

This webinar examines the increasingly complex and rapidly evolving landscape of the ESG sector from accountability to impact investing. Deep dive into key environmental and social issues this growing industry aims to solve, as well as key reporting frameworks and regulations, including the UN SDGs and the EU SFDR Article 8 and Article 9.

We will also introduce participants to Apex’s new ESG and impact products:

  1. Impact Positive Solution
  2. EU Taxonomy Solution
  3. DEI Solution
  4. Climate & Carbon Solutions 1.5°

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