Global social movements such as MeToo and Black Lives Matter have catapulted diversity, equity, equality and inclusion (“DEI”) into the headlines, putting pressure on companies and investors to demonstrate proof of their credentials.

Our solution helps you collect, evaluate and improve on your DEI performance. We help investors and companies overcome the many challenges faced when collecting and reporting on DEI data.

Rigorous, accurate and ethical reporting is fast becoming a requirement for companies and investors alike. For example, recent gender pay gap legislation in many jurisdictions, as well as investor requests focused on DEI data points found in both the SFDR and ILPA reporting frameworks.

  • What DEI data to collect and how to collect it?
  • Legitimate and ethical data collection requires self-reporting by employees
  • Lack of tools and insights to report, understand and improve DEI data and outcomes

Strong DEI practices and transparency enable:

  • Better employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction
  • Mitigate risks and increase value creation with a more productive workforce
  • Enhance public reputation and appeal to investors

Data Capture

  • Simplified DEI reporting into 20+ easy-to-answer questions via our proprietary online platform
  • Expert support and independent data verification
  • Data points aligned to key ESG frameworks, such as SFDR and ILPA, to simplify investor and regulator reporting

Reporting Outputs

  • Detailed analysis into gender, race, ethnicity, and other key DEI areas, split by management levels and staff movement
  • DEI policies and practices evaluated under the themes of breaches and resolutions, diversity, governance, career transparency, health and well-being

Key benefits

  • Identify, understand and engage with DEI performance across companies and portfolios
  • Locate key DEI gaps to focus on areas to improve across different business levels
  • Formulate action plans and next steps for real world impact
  • Fully integrate in-depth DEI data and analysis alongside wider ESG reporting for customers, investors and regulators

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