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Podcast: You need a solid BASE to enter new markets

03 February 2022

Many of the world’s most successful businesses have one thing in common – they all have a global presence. Expanding internationally presents huge opportunities to grow and access new sources of revenue, but it can also come with a plethora of challenges.

Expanding into new jurisdictions often means operating in totally different legal and tax environments, that are pushed and pulled by both local regulations and an ever-changing set of global ones. There are also HR issues to overcome, with an added layer of complexity at the moment coming from the ongoing pandemic in many jurisdictions. 

Businesses with growth ambitions should not put their expansion plans on hold however, according to the speakers in our latest Single-Source podcast, but should focus on understanding the risks involved and getting the right service provider who can help manage and navigate those regulatory and operational complexities.

Join Michiel van der Maat, Head of Corporate Solutions Netherlands at Apex Group; Pat English, Partner International Business Group at Matheson, and Michiel Schul, Partner International Tax Services at Loyens & Loeff, as they discuss some of the concerns and potential pitfalls CFOs and CEOs face when exploring new geographical horizons, as well as the opportunities presented in today’s global marketplace.

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