Complaints Procedure

The satisfaction of our customers is a top priority for Apex Fund Services S.A. (“Apex”). If you are not satisfied with our service, you have the possibility to file an official complaint with us.

Apex understands a customer complaint to be any formal expression of dissatisfaction with the service provided by Apex. At Apex, we take complaints very seriously and will address these as swiftly as possible as well as use it as an opportunity to improve the quality of our services.

Making a complaint:

A complaint can be raised by any investor, investment fund, promoter, management company or distributor that is serviced by Apex (the “Complainant”).

You can address a complaint to us via several means: in person, by mail or e-mail. Please direct your complaint to the responsible member of our management team, Mr John Grosso.

Contact at Apex Luxembourg:

Mail: Apex Fund Services S.A. | Attn: Mr John Grosso | 3, rue Gabriel Lippmann | L-5365 Munsbach


In order to process a complaint appropriately, please make sure to include the complete name of the customer serviced by Apex, your name and contact details and the details of your complaint.

Handling your complaint:

Upon receipt of any complaint, Apex will record the relevant details, including the date and time of receipt. A written acknowledgement will be issued to the Complainant within 10 Business Days unless the complaint has been fully resolved within the intervening period (in which case this will be communicated to you).

The acknowledgment letter will also include the name and contact details of the person in charge of the complaint handling process.

In accordance with the CSSF Regulation 16-07, Apex Luxembourg will provide the Complainant with a written explanation of the outcome of the investigation and any actions taken to solve the complaint. This will be issued no later than one month after date of receipt of the formal written complaint.

Other Circumstances:

In instances where an answer cannot be provided within the above stated timescale, Apex will respond accordingly and indicate the cause of the delay and when a response can be expected.

In case you are not satisfied with our response within this month, you may follow CSSF’s out-of-court complaints-resolution procedure (see CSSF Regulation 16-07).

CSSF Out-of-court resolution of complaints:

Complaints may be forwarded to the CSSF, using the form at the following link:

Complainants can refer their complaint to the CSSF in French, German, Luxemburgish or English:

  • By filing in the online complaint form where all relevant documents can be attached
  • Or by sending the completed complaint form (PDF):

    – Either by mail (simple mailing, no registration letter required) to the following address:
    Commission du Surveillance du Secteur Financier
    Département Juridique CC
    283, route d’Arlon
    L-2991 Luxembourg

    – Or by fax at the following number: (+352) 26 25 1 – 601

    – Or by email to the following email address:

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