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A Guide to Mauritius Variable Capital Companies

30 June 2023

On 15 April 2022, Mauritius introduced the Variable Capital Companies (VCC) scheme, aimed at diversifying its product base and enhancing its competitiveness as a fund management hub. The VCC Act came into force in May 2022, enabling the incorporation, conversion, or re-domiciliation of funds as VCCs, complementing the existing structures used by asset and wealth managers, such as trusts, partnerships and corporations.

The new VCC is gaining interest from institutional investors, family offices and fund managers wishing to set up investment vehicles in Mauritius. The VCC Act offers increased flexibility, efficiency and ringfencing capabilities, and it will certainly help to attract more investment capital to the region, and enhance the reputation of Mauritius as a key international financial hub. 

If you are thinking about setting up a VCC, or if you have any questions about this scheme, then please get do get in touch with us.  

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