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Apex Group launches Apex Profilir following acquisition

30 September 2021

Apex Group Ltd. (“Apex” or “The Group”), a global financial services provider, announces today the launch of its new digital marketing platform, Apex Profilir (“Profilir”). Profilir offers clients a modern approach to investor relations, incorporating a unique digital marketing platform designed to connect LPs and GPs and support the capital raising process.

Following the acquisition of SaaS platform Senasen, Apex Group has rebranded the digital marketing platform as Apex Profilir, to reflect its unique offering, specifically designed to enhance relationships between Investors, Asset Managers and Companies by connecting them instantly and providing a means to for  more efficient, meaningful and productive relationships. Market demand for secure and user-friendly digital engagement channels has risen following the pandemic restrictions of the last 18 months, with investors now seeking new ways to raise and deploy capital without the in-person meetings that had previously been considered indispensable.

This technology platform is a self-service freemium model and provides a frictionless communication channel that allows both investors and asset managers to publish and access multi-media content and research, as well as engage in public or private discussions to build relationships and their profile. Early registered adopters of the platform include over 100 investors, 12 asset managers and 110 companies.

GPs and LPs are able to create profiles to post multi-media engaging content (videos, podcasts, research and marketing documents) directly to their desired audience, via a private room or general newsfeed, to engage in public or private marketing to complement capital raising activity.

Profilir offers a scalable solution, with outsourced marketing options to support its clients, including the production of high-quality video and podcasts interviews to be shared as digital content along with virtual investor presentations to support the capital raising process.

This acquisition continues the Group’s expansion strategy for global fund marketing and distribution services and follows the recent launch of CSSF-regulated FundRock Distribution S.A. , to provide fund distribution solutions to non-EU asset managers, and the acquisition of ARM Swiss Representatives SA, a leading provider of Swiss Representation and Distribution services to foreign fund managers.            

Rosie Guest, Chief Marketing Officer at Apex Group comments: “The Profilir platform brings investor relations into the digital age, delivering frictionless and flexible solutions for the investment management space. Profilir is unique, in that it enables firms to publish content directly to their desired audience, streamlining the capital raising process and making it easier to for GPs and LPs to find one another, and engage directly in an instant. Creating an account is free, and is valuable to all types of managers, from established institutional investors to start-up funds who no matter their stage in the investment lifecycle can benefit from a digital channel to share targeted content and to engage the people who matter to them.”

Blair McPherson, Head of Capital Introductions at Apex Group, adds: “My vision when founding the platform was to build a SaaS solution to make the relationships between the owners of capital and the allocators of capital dramatically more efficient – from originating a relationship to ongoing communication and the secure sharing of multi-media content.  We look forward to welcoming all Apex Group clients to the platform as well as the wider market of asset managers, companies and investors looking to connect and engage with one another. Our continual development will bring new innovative capabilities that drive efficient, meaningful and productive engagements, enabling people, capital and insights to connect.”

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