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Podcast: Bringing Private Finance of Water to COP26

29 October 2021

Despite 71% of the earth being water, only 1% of public international climate investment goes to protecting basic water services for poor communities. As COP26 approaches, organisations across the world are showing active interest in sustainability and building a cleaner future for the next generation.

But how exactly do we build a cleaner future? Rosie Guest, CMO at Apex Group and Jonathan Farr, Senior Policy Analyst at WaterAid, come together to understand how organisations like WaterAid can make an impact, and how private companies (regulators, manufacturers, businesses) could impact as they invest in water supplies so that everyone, everywhere, has access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. They also spoke about the “Water Pavilion” – the first time the water sector has had a physical presence at COP26, representing a paradigm shift in stopping climate change and helping the people most vulnerable to it.

The situation today is daunting – 700 million people lack basic access to water (that is where water is more than a 30 minute round trip) and when climate change impacts hit this will compound their existing crises. 2 billion also lack safely managed sanitation, and when it floods, the outcome will be a short-term disaster, but also a long tail of disease and pollution.

Join us in our podcast to know more on what’s happening in the world of water conservation and help us to beat the fundamental challenge here – raising awareness.


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