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Clean and fresh water isn’t a privilege—it’s a necessity.

06 February 2023

WaterAid has been instrumental in transforming millions of lives, they work with the poorest and the most marginalised communities to set up sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene projects. While also educating about hygiene and making sure that the health benefits of clean and decent toilets are maximized for years to come.

The world is facing an unprecedented water challenge brought by climate change, population growth, urbanization and shrinking fresh water supplies. Billions of people around the world still live in conditions that deprive them of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities.

Access to water and sanitation are recognized by the United Nations as human rights – fundamental to everyone’s health, dignity, and prosperity.

Despite the advances made towards making clean water accessible to everyone, the situation looks grim.

  • 771 million people do not have clean water close to home
  • 489 million people – one in sixteen – have no choice but to drink dirty water
  • Every minute a newborn dies from an infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment

Organisations like WaterAid, are tirelessly working to end this crises by accelerating positive change in homes and communities across the globe, they have impacted more than 29 million lives in the last 40 years.

At Apex, we are proud to be supporting their vital work to make clean water, sanitation and hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere.

Apex Group and WaterAid are working together to drive positive change

As a global business, sustainability is at the very heart of what we do, which is why we are thrilled to join hands with WaterAid and other charities to drive positive change in the world and create a meaningful impact.

We are incredibly grateful to WaterAid for carrying out such significant work. The recent Apex Group Purpose Beyond Service charity gala dinner raised over £650,000 for four charities, including WaterAid. We hope to raise even more in the future so we can continue to support their work.

About the Apex Foundation 

The Apex Foundation is a not-for profit entity that supports charitable initiatives and projects promoting and making a difference to three key areas: the preservation, conservation, and protection of the environment; women’s empowerment and economic independence; and education and social mobility.  

Find out more information on the Apex Foundation here. 


Image credits: WaterAid / Nana Kofi Acquah


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