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Is your Risk Management Framework adequate?

24 January 2023

Jennifer Vella, Senior Risk Executive at ZASMalta explains the advantages of having a proper functioning risk management function.

“If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s a risky business.”

The recently published MFSA Corporate Governance Code emphasises on the Board of Directors’ responsibility in ensuring proper execution of the essential pillars of corporate governance. A predominant corporate governance pillar which is required across all Authorised Entities is an effective risk management function. Directors should be confident that the Authorised Entities on which they sit, implement risk management systems which are properly established and seamlessly functioning.

A proper functioning risk management infrastructure should extend across all entity business lines and provide both awareness and consideration of all entity risk exposures with the aim of ensuring fully informed decision making. It should allow for the effective identification, monitoring, understanding and management of any current or potential risk exposures. Indeed, an effective risk management infrastructure provides Directors with the necessary tools to identify and manage or mitigate potential risk exposures.

At Apex Group, we understand the importance of having a robust risk management infrastructure. Backed by a team of risk management experts with vast hands-on experience, we are able to offer independent, high quality risk management services which are customised to capture both qualitative and quantitative risk management needs.

Our range of risk management services includes:

  • Implementation of a risk management framework in line with the applicable Rules;
  • Drafting of detailed risk manager reports for the Investment Committee and /or Board of Directors highlighting identified risks;
  • Detailed risk manager monitoring including investment compliance monitoring and fund valuation oversight (where relevant);
  • Calculation and provision of risk management metrics;
  • Construction of risk management models;
  • Building of qualitative risk management strategies and policies;
  • Liquidity Management and Liquidity Stress Testing solutions;
  • Company and client risk register drafting;
  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance document drafting; and
  • Risk Management Consultancy, Support and Training.

How can we assist?

Apex Group combines its industry knowledge to tailor risk management solutions to your business operations. Reach out to our team on zasmalta@zasmalta.com or compliance-malta@apexgroup.com to initiate discussions on your risk management requirements.

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