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Watch On Demand: The Enhanced Irish ILP Regime

15 April 2022

Hosted alongside Real Deals

The amendment to the Investment Limited Partnerships Act 1994, in 2020 modernised the Irish Limited Partner structure and positions Ireland as an attractive destination for venture capital, private equity, private debt, credit/direct lending, real estate, energy, and infrastructure funds.
In this webinar we will discuss the amendments that have been made and the benefits of using this fund structure.

Date: March 30, 2022

Time: 3pm – 4pm GMT

Topics discussed include:

  • Outline the key elements of the Irish ILP regime.

  • Broadly, what led to the amended ILP in 2020/21? What did the enhanced ILP regime look to achieve?

  • What concerns and potential issues did the amendments to the ILP solve? (E.g. around carried interest.)

  • How does the enhanced ILP structure benefit LPs and GPs looking to domicile a fund in Ireland?

  • How does the ILP compare with other structures both internationally and in Europe?

  • What types of international investors could benefit from the enhanced ILP structure?

  • Which fund strategies would be best suited to use the ILP structure?

  • How has demand developed for this fund structure since 2020?

  • Future predictions for the ILP structure. Could it be amended further/ is it being marketed enough


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