Saloni is a Senior Analyst in our Corporate Services team in Pune, India, and was nominated for her work with the local chapter of the Robin Hood Army.

She has been volunteering with the Robin Hood Army since 2015. It’s a zero-funds group that obtains surplus food from restaurants and the community to feed less fortunate people.

Each local chapter of the Robin Hood Army is run by friends and colleagues, who want to make a difference in their own unique way. The volunteers, or “Robins” as they are called, are mostly students and young working professionals, who give up their free time to work for the organisation. The sections of society they help can include homeless families, orphanages, patients from public hospitals, and care homes.

Saloni has set up city chapters from scratch, as well as mentoring volunteers serving thousands of people for whom a daily meal is a luxury.

She tells us: “My husband and family have been a rock-solid support and now my two-year-old daughter is also a young “Robin”.

“Eight years down the line, the personal satisfaction I have achieved in seeing the smile and happiness on someone who has not eaten a wholesome meal in days has been immense, but just that much is not enough, there is so much that has to be done.

“Currently, I am mentoring high impact cities to scale and increase impact in eradication of hunger in India and across the world, however as we popularly say in Robin Hood Army, “I have just begun, just 1% done!””

Our Changemakers initiative shines a spotlight on team members like Saloni whose brave, bold ideas help us to drive positive change and leave a legacy we can be proud of.

Saloni’s contributions to the local community fully embody the values we hold as a business and those which gave rise to the Changemakers initiative.

Congratulations Saloni for being a Changemaker and making a positive difference where it’s most needed

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