On Demand: UK Funds Review: what will be the outcome? How should managers prepare for the outcome, which may include LTAFs and PIFs?


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Watch our Webinar hosted alongside: Fiera Real Estate, BlackRock Real Estates Assets & John Forbes Consulting.

UK Treasury’s Funds Review is expected to result in significant improvements to the onshore UK funds landscape. In 2021, the Long Term Asset Fund (LTAF) should be operational. There has been widespread industry support for a Professional Investor Fund (PIF). Our expert panel will explore the prospective outcome of – and the likely opportunities for fund managers and their investors arising from – the Review, including with LTAFs and PIFs.



Moderator: Melville Rodrigues
Real Estate Advisory, Apex Group

Emma Cullen

COO, UK Fiera Real Estate

Jonathan Brady

Head of Product Structuring, BlackRock Real Assets

John Forbes

Partner, John Forbes Consulting

Paul Spendiff

Global Head of Sales, FundRock


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